What kind of dog is this?

We adopted a dog from a rescue shelter last August and named him Neus (“snow” in Catalan). He was described as a Pit Bull / Terrier mix. While he may have looked like one at the time (esp. a Boston Terrier), he’s grown to almost 60 lbs. We think he has some Border Collie (always chasing things and organizing balls) and possibly Great Dane in him, but aren’t sure. What do you think he is based on these photos? We’ve heard everything from Domo Argentino to American Staffordshire.


One Response to “What kind of dog is this?”

  1. He definitely has the American Staffordshire (which is a type of pit bull) look to him, but with a narrower head and a longer, curlier tail – some pit bulls grow pretty big, so 60 pounds is not unusual. They’re typically heavy boned and heavily muscled which adds to the weight.

    As far as what he’s mixed with, I would guess NOT Great Dane, although he does sort of have a bit of the border collie look to him – that might account for the narrow head.

    Cute boy!

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